Hayley MacDonald

Programme Manager

As the Programme Manager at Resilience Learning Partnership (RLP) I am responsible for managing the portfolio of activities being delivered and supporting the staff to feel confident and connected to the work and their role within RLP. I first became involved with RLP though volunteering with the Crafty Kids project during lockdown as a way to stay connected to the power of community at such an isolating time. As the organisation has grown I have had the opportunity to get involved in various roles including bookkeeping support, project facilitation and project lead and am now excited to develop within the role as Programme Manager. 

The Programme Manager role will develop along with the needs of RLP but currently it is about connection and collaboration – joining the dots between people and projects in a way that supports the growth of individuals and RLP as whole. 
My background is in community arts, well-being and events and I have been a freelance teacher of dance and movement for over 15 years. This work fosters a passion in physical and mental wellbeing, creating inclusive spaces for people to come together and offering opportunities to build confidence and recognise strengths.   
“My favourite thing about working with RLP is the focus on co-production, both with participants and staff.  We have so many amazing people working with us and around us and there is always so much to learn and explore.