Jenna Murphy

Community Builder

I am delighted to be working with RLP as a Community Builder in Carbrain and Kildrum. I am also part of the TIER facilitator team this year and I am loving it.   I made the decision to make quite a drastic career move from a secure job in primary teaching to take on this new role.  There were a few reasons for my move – firstly, during the pandemic I was inspired and in awe at seeing so many people using their creativity, gifts and skills to get through some difficult times together and I think many realised the importance of community not only locally but across the world. I think this is so important to reach out to people who may feel lonely and disconnected and build meaningful relationships.   Secondly, I genuinely believe that a trauma-informed approach to asset-based community development (ABCD) is something special and vital when working in our communities.  ABCD focuses on what is strong in our communities instead of what is wrong and it changes the negative narrative and unlocks the power that people have to use their own gifts and skills to bring to the community and potentially multiplying your own skills through coproduction.  

I am so excited to be part of RLP and to work with such a dedicated and committed team.    

As mentioned, I have previous experience in Education with a particular interest in Child Development, Attachment in the Early Years and Health and Wellbeing.  My undergraduate degree is in Ethnicity and Human Rights and Religion, Culture and Society which enhanced my passion for social justice/equality and equity. 

Out of work, I really enjoy escaping out into nature to go for walks as much as I can, visiting new places, going to gigs/festivals, yoga/meditation, learning about indigenous communities, the living world and space.