Richard Thomson


I have had broad career across in commercial organisations, the public sector and the third sector.

Previously, I was the Service Manager for Information and Performance Management at Apex Scotland before taking a consultancy role at a start-up tech company connected to University College London which provides case management systems to multi-organisation partnerships and shards personal data appropriately between different organisations. I currently work as an Improvement Lead at Community Justice Scotland.

I am passionate about enabling the untapped potential of people who are affected by crime or by the impact of justice system so that they can improve outcomes for themselves and others. I see social enterprise as an essential feature of the third sector so that organisations have the flexibility to reinvest profit in areas which matter to participants, rather than being driven solely by the strategic ambitions of government or funders. 

During my time working as the community justice coordinator in Clackmannanshire, I worked with a wide group of influencers and other people with lived experience to help incubate Resilience Learning Partnership.